This company was founded in 1935 and is now in the hands of the third generation. Originally, the company started off selling farming products and building material as well as haulaging. As time went by, it developed more and more in the direction of building material, mostly being sand and gravel products, refining in a gravel plant and concrete manufacturing.

The third generation, under the leadership of Karl Schneeberger, deals with natural stones for the last 30 years as an additional support for the company. By the refining of gravel products up to 10 tonnes, foundings in all shapes, sizes and colours came to light. Since 2002 “the stone” itself has a high priority.

At the beginning it was the riverstone as well as the granite commodity, now it’s stones from all over the world. From amethist to onyx, these stones have come all the way to Putzleinsdorf in upper Austria, in the middle of a triangle surrounded by Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic.